Our Services

The Carers Centre offers different kinds of services working with and supporting young and adult carers in the city.

  • Are You A Carer?

    Often people don’t see themselves as ‘carers’, considering that they are only doing what anyone else would do to look after a family member, partner or friend who needs them. However, if you provide unpaid help to someone because they have: a physical disability a learning disability a mental health problem substance misuse issues or [...]


  • Young Carers

    The Carers Centre has a specialist team of trained and experienced Support & Outreach Workers who can provide a range of support options to young carers and their families.   To donate to the Carers Centre, please click on the button below:


  • Adult Carers

    Our Adult Carers team provides information, support and advocacy to adults who look after someone else, unpaid. They might be caring for a parent, partner or friend with physical or mental health needs. Alternatively it may be that the person they care for has a substance misuse problem and needs to be supported on an occasional [...]


  • Professionals

    Carers often don’t recognise the label ‘carer‘ ; we primarily define ourselves in terms of the relationships we have, for example the partner or child of a person with an illness or disability. Think carer when you come into contact with someone with an illness or disability. Ask if there is someone helping to look after them. [...]


  • Carer Expert

    In return you will receive one to one support, guidance and training. We will also reimburse you for your time and for any travel expenses you incur. As a Carer Expert you can decide: How much time you can commit Exactly what type of consultation you want to be involved in What topics are of [...]


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