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Eating Disorders

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Provides information and advice to sufferers and their families on eating disorders including definitions, symptoms, treatments and support services.
Website: www.mengetedstoo.co.uk

Emergency services

Accident and Emergency (Royal Sussex County Hospital)

Tel: 01273 696955
Website: www.bsuh.nhs.uk

Accident and Emergency (Sussex Eye Hospital)

Tel: 01273 606126
Email: communications@bsuh.nhs.uk
Website: www.bsuh.nhs.uk

Ambulance Service

24 hours emergency service.  This service can help with lifting if someone has fallen.
Tel: 999


Run by the City Council this service is a 24 hour community alarm system scheme for Brighton and Hove residents to summon assistance in an emergency due to age, illness or disability.
Tel: 01273 673105
Email: CareLinkPlus@brighton-hove.gov.uk
Website: www.brighton-hove.gov.uk

Emergency Back-Up Scheme for Carers

This scheme aims to give some peace of mind to carers of disabled or ill people by providing alternative home-based care in an emergency for up to 48 hours. Carers are asked to draw up and register an emegency plan giving details of people who may be able to provide care in their place. Contact the Council’s Access Point for help with this.
Tel: 01273 295555
Email: accesspoint@brighton-hove.gov.uk
Website: www.brighton-hove.gov.uk


Available 24 hours a day providing emotional support and a listening ear for people experiencing distress or despair.
Tel: 01273 772277 or 0845 790 9090 (national)
Email: jo@samaritans.org
Website: www.samaritans.org


Telecare is a system consisting of sensors positioned throughout the home, which alert the carer, or a monitoring centre, if there is a problem, such as a gas leak or fire, or if the person in the home has a problem and needs assistance.
Website: www.telecare.org.uk

Employment Services

Caring for Someone While Working

We produce a Fact Sheet (No.11) on Caring for Someone While Working. This covers flexible working possibilities, advice on making requests for such working and information on reasons for refusal of such requests. To view this Fact Sheet please click on this link.

Returning to Employment

We produce a Fact Sheet (No. 8) on Returning to Employment, which gives details of local services to help the process of returning to work. To view this Fact Sheet please click on this link.


Offers information about changing patterns of work and flexible working, as well as employment law advice.
Tel: 08457 47 47 47
Website: www.acas.org.uk

Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project

Provides support for the unemployed, people on low income and those in poor housing. Offers childcare support,  temporary housing support, welfare and benefits advice, computer and internet access and courses in a wide range of subjects.
Tel: 01273 601211/671213
Email: info@bucfp.org
Website: www.bucfp.org

Carers UK

Offers information and advice about employment rights and working age benefits.
Tel: 0808 808 7777
Email: info@carersuk.org
Website: www.carersuk.org

Jobcentre Plus (Brighton and Hove)

Provides help and advice on jobs, work preparation and benefits.
Tel: 0845 604 3719
Website: www.direct.gov.uk

Energy Bills

Make It Cheaper

Independent website recommended by National Energy Action seeking to help people reduce their energy bills.


Financial Advice/Support

Federation Centre for Independent Living

Offers advice on welfare benefits and direct support payments.
Tel: 01273 296747
Email: disabilityadvice@thefedonline.org.uk
Website: www.thefedonline.org.uk

MACS (Money Advice & Community Support Service)

Provides confidential advice and support through a range of services to people who are in financial difficulties.
Tel: 01273 664000
Email: info@macss.org.uk
Website: www.macss.org.uk

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