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Here you’ll find evaluations and reports related to the work carried out by The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove.   It is part of our service user engagement process to consult with carers through surveys, forums and other events to ensure that we are providing what is needed.  If you have any comments regarding any of these reports or would like to feedback some suggestions then do please email us.

Annual report 2015-16

Annual report 2014-15
Annual report 2013-14
Annual report 2012-13
Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2010-11
Carers Challenge 2011 – Evaluation Report summary
Carers Forum on Housing Report, July 2011
Annual Report 2009-10
Carers Challenge 2010 – Evaluation Report
Brighton & Hove Carers Survey – Executive Summary
Brighton & Hove Carers Survey – Full Report
Carers Health Wish List – Results of October 2009 Forum

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