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Caroline Lucas MP

Caroline Lucas is a politician and member of the Green Party of England and Wales. She has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Brighton Pavillion since 2010, when she became the UK’s first Green Party MP and was re-elected in the 2015 general election.

Known as a passionate campaigner across a broad range of issues. We are proud to have Caroline as our Patron.

Peter Field, Lord Lieutenant for East Sussex

Peter Field was appointed by The Queen to be Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for East Sussex on the 19th of August 2008.

He provides encouragement and support for all sectors of the community.

He is patron or president of some 40 local organizations, and we are one of the lucky 40.

Professor Saul Becker, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex

Professor Becker is a world leading researcher on young carers – children who provide unpaid care to ill, disabled and other family members. His appointment as patron marks the 30th anniversary of the Carers Centre who works with and support carers aged between 6 and 17 years.  We are honoured and absolutely over the moon that Professor Becker has agreed to be our patron.


Chris Lau (Director)
Sarah Davis (Administrator)
Linden Rennie Taylor/Dan Wilkinson (Volunteer Co-ordinator)
Steve Castellari (Engagement Lead)

Adult Carers Team

Pam Windsor (Adult Carers Team Manager)

Peter Gill (Support & Outreach Worker)
Nicola Lytle (Support & Outreach Worker)
Sara Padhiar-Tutton (Support & Outreach Worker)
Liz Gough (Support & Outreach Worker)
Sarah Hirchfield (Primary Care Carers Worker)
Charlotte Snell (Employer Employment Lead)
Louisa Marchant (Carer’s Group Worker – Memory Assessment Service)
Steve Hinton (Support & Outreach Worker – Armed Forces)

Young Carers Team

Tom Lambert (Young Carers Team Manager)

Ruth Sullivan (6 – 12s Support and Outreach Worker)
Paula Melis (Teens Support and Outreach Worker)
Lizzie Hovard (Schools Worker)
Mary Collins (Sports & Support Worker)
Katie Shortt (Young Carers Lead – Front Door for Families)

Office Volunteers

Michael Stubbings

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