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Putting carers first

Our services will focus on supporting carers, seeing things from their point of view. Many carers need better services for the person they care for. We will therefore take a holistic approach to all our work, considering the needs of carers, and those they care for.


In all our work we will aim to empower individual carers to take control of their lives, play a full part in the local community and to move on from their role when appropriate. We believe that carers themselves are the most powerful force for change, and we aim to give carers a real voice in designing and influencing local services


We are committed to providing services which respond to carers needs and to enabling carers and ex-carers to take an active part in our work. We also recognise carers as an essential resource for providing support to other carers.


We aim to ensure that all our services are accessible, flexible, adaptable and appropriate to all carers in Brighton & Hove.

Service delivery

We will work in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies, whilst retaining our independence. In doing so, we will use our resources effectively to provide a responsive and quality service to carers. We will operate our services with understanding and compassion. Where we have identified needs that are not best met by our organisation, we will work proactively with other organisations to ensure that appropriate and timely services are provided.

Working Environment

We aim to provide a stimulating workplace for staff and volunteers, with an open and consultative management style, and to provide the support that staff and volunteers need to do their jobs.

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