Donating by Standing Order

A standing order is a way to set up making a regular fixed payment direct from your bank account.

With a Standing Order you are in full control to set the frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually) and the amount.

You can set up a standing order by:

  • or you can set up standing orders with your bank; in branch, over the phone or using online banking.

Setting up your standing order

  1. Download The Carers Centre donation form here
  2. Fill it out
  3. Pop it in an envelope and return it to us at the address below
  4. We will take care of the rest

The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove
18 Bedford Place

If you have any queries about donating or would like to find out more about The Carers Centre please do Contact Us

To find out about regular direct debit payments or other ways you can support The Carers Centre, please visit our donations page.

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