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Carers often don’t recognise the label ‘carer‘ ; we primarily define ourselves in terms of the relationships we have, for example the partner or child of a person with an illness or disability. Think carer when you come into contact with someone with an illness or disability. Ask if there is someone helping to look after them. Often carers will assume that there is no support for them and would welcome signposting to the Carers Centre.

Young Carers are sometimes hard to identify

The young carer may present as coping to professionals, for example; for fear of negative intervention from social services, or due to loyalty to cared for person. Sometimes professionals engaged with the cared for person do not look at the needs of the whole family – think about the children or young people that may be affected when doing an assessment. Take a look at some of our Carers Stories to see the impacts looking after someone else has on an individual and the things that can be done to help them.

Carers want professionals to work in partnership with them

The NHS Constitution (England) states that carers should be treated as equal partners in care as they have a great deal of knowledge and expertise they can share with professionals. To refer an adult carer (aged 18-100) or a young carer (aged 6-17) please click the ‘Making A Referral’ link on the left and select the appropriate form.

PLEASE NOTE : Because of the high demand for our services it may take a few days before we can get back to you and the carer.

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