GP Surgeries and Pharmacies

“1 in 10 patients are unpaid carers.”

We work with local GP Practices and Community Pharmacies to help staff both identify and support young and adult unpaid carers. We provide Carer Information Packs to hand out, leaflets and various posters designed to encourage patients to self identify as carers, along with up-to-date information on local support services and signposting. The role of both GP Practices and Community Pharmacy in supporting carers is hugely important.


If your Surgery or Pharmacy would like to order leaflets, packs or posters please get in touch.


We also offer FREE STAFF TRAINING to GP Surgeries. “Supporting and Identifying Carers through GP Practices” is a very useful ONE HOUR TRAINING SESSION, recommended and funded by the CCG and BHCC, to help make your practice more carer friendly. Ideal for internal PLS sessions or across a lunch hour, this training will help staff:


  • Understand who unpaid carers are and why they are caring
  • Understand the impact of caring and why patients need support
  • Recognise young carers in your practice
  • Be familiar with the GP TOOLKIT resources by Carers Trust and RCGP and implement them in your practice
  • Carry out a carer audit
  • Consider a carer focussed patient questionnaire
  • Update your carers information board, posters and packs
  • Understand clear referral pathways to both Access Point at the Council and the Carers Centre


This training is recommended for reception staff, GPs, nurses, practice managers, other clerical staff and PPG representatives


To book a training session or for more information please contact:


Charly Snell, GP and Pharmacy Link Worker

Tel: 01273 746222

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