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Carers Awareness Training

Free carers awareness training can be arranged for your staff and volunteers.  Just call Carers Hub on 01273 977 000 to arrange a suitable time and date.


Are you a business in Brighton and Hove?  Did you know 1 in 9 of your workforce is a Carer? We are asking local businesses to pledge to support their employees who are Carers by joining our free membership of Employers for Carers (EfC).

This will give you access to online resources, such as: training, legislation explained, contract templates and best practice case studies, alongside great supportive digital apps to share with your staff; helping them in their caring roles and keeping them in their jobs.

Alongside the membership sources, we can provide posters and leaflets; signposting staff to local support including Carers Hub.  We can also provide free Carers Awareness Training for key staff or run an information stand at your offices to help engage staff and encourage them to seek support.

Contact Carers Hub on 01273 977 000 or email us for more information on how to set up your free membership.


Carers are a valuable resource in the community, saving the NHS £132 billion a year.  1 in 10 patients on a practice list is a Carer and 86% of carers will visit their GP in a year.

Before carers can be offered support, they must first be identified.  Because Carers often accompany the person they care for to medical appointments or are present when community nurses make home visits to housebound patients, staff working in the NHS are ideally placed to identify them.  In fact, many healthcare staff, including non-clinical staff working as receptionists in GP surgeries, already know which of their patients are carers. (Information resourced from Carers Trust)

Carers Hub is working directly with all GPs and practice staff to create Carer friendly GP practices across the city.  We support GP practices with Carers Awareness Training Session and with referring Carers directly to us here at Carers Hub for support and information, through Carer Prescription (coming soon).

We have a Primary Care Carers Link Worker who can support Carers Awareness sessions and provide ongoing training and information to your staff.  We can provide Carers information packs, posters and information stands in your practice.  It helps if you can identify a Carers Champion within your staff team to co-ordinate the information sharing and link directly with us here at Carers Hub.  Contact Sarah Hirchfield at for more information.

Carers News

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If you wish to refer an Adult Carer, aged 18 or over, please use our adult carers referral form.

To refer a Young Carer, you can use the Online Form. Alternatively, you can download the Referral Form here before emailing to

With either form, you will also need the Fair-Processing-Notice.  We also have Referral Guidance available.

If you would like to discuss a referral or have any questions about the Form, you can call the Young Carers Team Manager on (01273) 746 222 for more information.

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