Identifying Carers

Carers TalkingThings you can do to raise awareness of carers issues in your work:

Ensure that all staff appreciate what it is like to be a carer, develop their knowledge about carers and reflect on their experience of working with carers. This can be achieved via staff training and induction but also by having an information folder about carers issues in the office or on your intranet. We can help with this.

Ensure that appropriate information is available for and communicated to carers. We can send you a supply of information leaflets, posters and copies of  Carers News. Make sure that a definition of a carer is included in any display.

Devise ways of including questions about carers in patient / service user records. Find a way to remind staff to ask if there is someone helping to care for them and if yes allow space for this information to be recorded and used. Ask the carer if they would like someone from the Carers Centre to get in touch.

Invite feedback from carers on your services, how could they be improved to help the carer as well as the person they help to care for.

Think about how you support your own staff who are also carers. Implement an organisation wide carers support policy. Employers for Carers (EfC) is a membership organisation for employers that provides practical advice and support for employers seeking to develop carer friendly policy and practice and retain skilled workers

If you work in a health centre, you may be interested to know that The Carers Centre has a dedicated GP Link Worker, setting up a network of link workers in surgeries across the city. Information Packs are also available from The Carers Centre to give out to any patients / carers you think might need extra support.

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