Are You A Young Carer?

Young Carer Painting

Young Carers are children or young people under 18, who care for a family member who is ill or disabled. They carry out significant caring role, looking after a family member with a long-term illness, disability or substance misuse issue.

The caring young carers do may include one or more of the following:

  • Emotional support – sitting and listening to the person you care for
  • Household jobs – extra domestic chores such as cleaning, cooking, washing up, shopping and ironing
  • Medical care – helping with medicine and injections
  • Personal care – helping with washing, dressing, feeding or taking them to the toilet
  • Physical care – helping the person to move around the house or go out.

The impacts of such responsibilities can affect young carers in many areas and many ways, for example:-


Bullied for being different, missing school to help at home, having difficulty concentrating at school or completing homework.


Missing out on social or leisure activities. This may be because of lack of money or time, difficulty getting to and from activities, or having to attend to the needs of the person being cared for, all adding to a feeling of isolation.


Spending time worrying about the person they care for, with these increased responsibilities leading to higher stress levels and a feeling of being unable to cope.

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