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Adult Social Care Services of Brighton and Hove City Council provide relevant services to people in the City in need of care and support. The Care Act came into force in April 2015 and changed the way the Council decides eligibility for care and support services. Care and support can be provided to people with certain physical or mental impairment or illness. Help can also be provided to carers who are looking after these people in their homes.

Needs assessment

Adult Social Care Services (ASCS) will carry out a needs assessment for people who appear to be in need of care and support regardless of their financial status or whether ASCS think their needs will be eligible.

The carer’s assessment

A carer providing unpaid support to someone who could not manage without their help has the right to a carer’s assessment. A carer’s assessment will look at the care and support provided and identify any further support needed. 01273 746222 3 There are a number of ways to have an assessment. The type of assessment will depend on your situation or preference. An assessment can be done over the telephone or someone from ASCS can visit you. If you would like an assessment you should contact the Access Point or complete the self-assessment form online.

Charges for non-residential

Care Services Adult Social Care Services will make a charge for most services they provide. The amount to pay will depend on the financial position of the person requiring the services. The person will be asked to complete a financial statement giving full details of savings, property, income and expenditure.

Charges for residential and nursing home care

If a person is unable to pay the full cost of the care home the Council will ask for a statement of the person’s financial resources (eligible capital and income) to be provided. If assistance with completing a statement is required, someone from the Council’s Financial Assessment Team should be able to help. A written confirmation of the charge to pay will then be received. All residents are required to pay at least a minimum charge.

Allowances and Deductions

All residents are entitled to keep a personal allowance of £24.90 per week. A further £10 is disregarded for people in receipt of war widow or widower pensions. There is also a Savings Credit allowance of up to £5.75. Note: In some cases, for example for short term residential care, the cost of maintaining the person’s property may be allowed for a limited period. This may include rent, mortgage, water charges and council tax.

Calculating the Charges

Any Tariff Income will be added to the person’s chargeable income. Allowances will then be deducted from this total. The balance is the amount which must be paid towards the cost of the care home fees.

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