Volunteer With Us

From lending a hand with projects or mail outs, fundraising for us, or sharing your skills/knowledge with a carer, the work of our volunteers is invaluable.

Current volunteer opportunities:

Carers Reablement Service

Do you have a skill?  Would you like to share it? Could you help a carer to achieve a specific goal in up to 10 weeks?

We are currently looking for volunteers for the Carers Reablement Service, which is designed to support carers to achieve positive changes in their lives, for example they may want to start going to a gym, be able to use a computer, attend a book group, lose weight or learn to cook.

As a volunteer you can decide how much time you can commit, and when you will be available to volunteer.

You will receive one to one support, guidance and training.  Travel expenses and any out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

If you are interested in helping with the Carers Reablement Service or would like more information please contact Dan Wilkinson on 01273 746 222 or email volunteer@thecarerscentre.org.

Fundraising volunteers

We need a team of volunteer fundraisers to help with a new fundraising project.   If you could help us with collections, event organising or any other fundraising possibilities please contact Dan Wilkinson (Volunteer Co-ordinator) on 01273 746 222 or email volunteer@thecarerscentre.org.

Volunteer drivers

Our Young Carers Team uses volunteer drivers to help children and young people get to and from the clubs, groups and activities we organise.  Often parents of young carers find it difficult to transport them, our volunteer drivers can offer a brief respite and access to vital support for our young carers.

All volunteer drivers will be DBS checked and we will require information about your vehicle, including MOT and service history, as well as asking for a brief medical history and driving licence record.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver or would like more information please contact

Carer Experts

Our Carer Experts Project is an opportunity for all carers to be involved in consultation at both a national and local level.  If you are interested in talking about your experiences of being a carer and would like to help raise awareness of the issues facing carers please contact Steve Castellari on 01273 746 222 or email steve.castellari@thecarerscentre.org.


Being a trustee of a charity is rewarding and a great opportunity to get involved in the local community.  If you would like to like find out more about the role of and becoming a trustee of the Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove please contact Chris Lau (Director) on 01273 746 222 or email info@thecarerscentre.org.


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