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The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove is our city’s local, life-changing carers charity and we recently celebrated our 30th anniversary. Since 1988 we have been providing family carers with emotional support, advice and a well-deserved break from their caring role.

According to the Carers Trust (a national charity), there are around seven million carers in the UK – that is one in ten people and rising. It is also estimated that there are 700,000 Young Carers in the UK.

Our local team of professionals and volunteers support Young Carers and Adult Carers by reducing their caring role and the impact of caring on their social, emotional and educational development.

We rely on the support of the local community to make this happen, both with volunteers and financial support. Find out more about how you can support the Carers Centre.

The Young Carers Team

This team aims to support children and young people who care for a member of their family who has a physical or mental health support need, substance misuse issue or sensory or learning disability. The Team supports children & young people whose social, emotional or educational development is negatively affected by their caring role.

The team has two main aims: to reduce the actual caring role and/or reduce the impact of the caring role. The first thing we do is try to improve the support provided to the family in order to reduce the reliance on children as carers. We also provide activities and run groups, to enable young carers to have a break, get information they need, make friends and build their confidence.

The Adult Carers Team

This team provides emotional support, information, guidance and advocacy to a wide range of carers, including carers of people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, physical or sensory disabilities, etc.

The Carer Reablement Project matches adult carers with a volunteer to learn a new skill or rediscover a forgotten hobby.

Free legal surgeries are available to carers upon request.

Targeted support is also available for the following carers: Carers of those living with dementia, carers of those with a mental health condition, working carers and carers of those with life-limiting conditions (call 01273 977 000 for details on this support).

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